Buying Tips

Full length mirrors are quite possibly the most popular type of mirrors on the market today. While looking at yourself in the mirror may be pleasant, full length mirrors also offer another way for you to incorporate design features into a room. With options such as wood frames or white iron for a country feel, antique mirrors to add a vintage look, heavily decorated wood frames for a traditional feel or even frame-less mirrors for a modern look, you have a lot of options. Before you buy, however, considering some of these Full Length Mirror buying tips as well as ways to use mirrors in your home.

When buying your full length mirror, consider the available space you have, where you want to place it and what you want to use it for. If you have limited floor space then a hanging mirror will be more beneficial than a free standing mirror. If you have kids then you may want to consider spending less money on a mirror (they range in price from $5 to thousands of dollars).

In addition to space, consider your style. As mentioned above, you can find full length mirrors in a variety of styles. You can match the decor in a room, purchase a mirror that you intend to be the centerpiece of a room or even have custom made frames or etchings done to a mirror to have something completely unique to you. When considering these Full Length Mirror buying tips, remember, a mirror is more than a reflective service, it can add flair and style to any room.

Another one of the many Full Length Mirror buying tips is to use the mirror’s surface to your advantage in the home. Many homes have an area that is a bit dark, like a corner of a room that is far away from any natural or man made source of light. By placing a full-length mirror in that darkened area and allowing a distant source of light to reflect off its surface you can bring light into a darkened area without having to do anything more than positioning a mirror.

Another thing to consider is if you are interested in Feng Shui then mirrors will be an integral part of that design. Mirrors represent water and if you can’t have a water feature in your home then a mirror is an excellent alternative. In Feng Shui, placing a mirror in different parts of a room represent different things, so study up before you place a mirror arbitrarily.

One of the best Full Length Mirror buying tips we can offer is to purchase mirrors that you love. Mirrors can last literally for a lifetime and beyond, so choose something that suits you well so that you can take it with you no matter where you live.