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Are you looking for Full Length Mirrors, Large Decorative Mirrors and Wall Mirrors in Australia?

Full Length Mirrors and Large Wall Mirrors Brisbane
Every home needs a range of Full Length Mirrors and Large Wall Mirrors, in bedrooms, in the hall, in the living room or dining room. A Full Length Mirror is a neccesity in our busy lives to check how we look, spot any dressing issues that require attention and to choose clothing. They have also become decorative interior design features beyond their practical useage increasing the percieved space in a room. There tend to be 2 ways of buying a full length mirror in Australia, through specialist retail that includes Mirror shops, Antique Shops and some of the high street furniture shops (though surprisingly few stock Full Length Mirrors) or through a mirror manufacturer/glazier who will build your mirror to your specification, frame it to your taste and even mount it on your wall. We aim to help you choose which mirror would suit you and where you should go to find it.Large Wall Mirrors

When choosing a free standing full length mirror, you will want to make sure that you have plenty of room in the area you plan to place the mirror. You should measure this area so you go to the store knowing how much room is available. Once you find a mirror, make sure that you are not too tall for it, many full length mirrors are located in the wrong place in a house causing the user to have to bend to see themselves in it. You will want to be able to see the top of your head. If you aren’t tall enough,check to see if the mirror has a way to adjust it, many do, but some are easier than others and if husband and wife with different statures need to use it, it may require regular adjustment.

Looking at a range of options Wall Mirrorsbefore purchase is vital to weigh up the pros and cons of the practical side and the decorative elements of the mirrors. You may decide on a modern one, go with an antique full length mirror or have one made to suit you. If you choose a timber framed mirror you will probably want the wood to be the same colouring as your dressers or other furniture in the bedroom. You can always choose one that is not painted yet and make it match your room by doing the painting yourself with a gloss paint or a stain.

Having a Full Length Mirror made will involve several decisions, to go framed or frameless, to choose from beveled,tinted,sandblasted,curved,etched or segmented. Then if you have decided on having a frame, the material choices include stainless steel, aluminium and a range of woods and finishes in the full range of colours to suit your home decor.

If you decide a free standing mirror is not for you, you can get a full length mirror that hangs on a closet door or wall. These can be placed at the right height for you and they are not easily broken by children. Full Length Mirrors are not widely sold we list below a range of retailers where you will find them.

Beyond Furniture

Address:306 Pacific Highway Crows Nest NSW 2065

Phone: 02 9438 2844

Fax: 02 9436 4546

Email: sales@beyondfurniture.com.au


Address: Unit F / 13 Short Street Auburn New South Wales2144

Phone: 02 9648 1937

Fax: 02 9737 9354

OZ Design Furniture

Address: 346 Mascot NSW 1460

Phone: 02 9023 9444

Andersons Furniture

Website:226 Whitehorse Road Blackburn Victoria 3130

Address: 445 Chester Hill NSW 2162

Phone: 03 9877 2188

Fax: 03 9877 7005

Freedom Furniture & Homewares

Website: www.freedom.com.au

Address: Steinhoff Asia Pacific Limited PO BOX 4227 Marayong NSW 2148

Phone: 1300 135 588

Ikea Australia

Website: www.ikea.com/au/en/

Address: Richmond (Melbourne)

Phone: 03 8416 5000

Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture

Website: www.eclipsefurniture.com.au

Address:76 Hammond Ave Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Phone: 02 6921 8698

Fax: 02 6921 8605

Email: sales@eclipsefurniture.com.au

Complete Pad Australia

Website: www.completepad.com.au

Address: Suite 4, Gunshot Alley Suakin Drive, Mosman 2088

Phone: 02 9969 0555

Fax: 02 8088 4343

Email: info@completepad.com

Mirrorz Online

Website: www.mirrorzonline.com.au

Phone: 0433 727 798

Email: sales@mirrorzonline.com.au

Mirror Mirror

Website: www.mirror-mirror.com.au

Address:172 Hoddle Street Victoria 3066

Phone: 03 9417 1100

Fax: 03 9419 1870

Email: collingwood@mirror-mirror.com.au


Website: http://wallmirrorsydney.com.au

Address:172 Hoddle Street Victoria 3066

Phone: 0424 355 973

Email: mmpi@live.com.au

Mostly Mirrors

Website: www.mostlymirrors.com.au

Address: 115 Military Road, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089

Phone: 02 9904 1091

Fax: 02 9909 2620

Email: sales@mostlymirrors.com.au Full Length Mirrors